OHX 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet – White


Foolscap/A4 Suspension Files 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet. Efficient work comes from this drawer file cabinet, which can store documents in an orderly manner!

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If you?re looking for a new 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet, you?ve come to the right place. Our top-of-the-range unit is just what you need for practical yet stylish storage. Made from cold-rolled steel, this 3-drawer filing cabinet offers spacious 50kg load drawers finished with?integrated gooseneck handles.

The Highest Metal Quality

We offer the highest metal quality available, with a formaldehyde-free and odour-free construction. Most metal filing cabinets are sold between 0.6mm and 0.7mm thick. At OHX Furniture, you find filing cabinets that are 0.9mm thick. The metal comprises a steel base, anti-rust layer and powder coating, making our cabinets 0.8mm thick before coating and 0.9mm after coating and painting.

Stable & Secure

Anti-tilting technology ensures the cabinet stays upright, while the reinforced frame increases the cabinet?s durability for long-lasting performance. The draws lock via a small key, and only one drawer can be opened at a time.

Foolscap/Suspension Filing

Usually, when you buy a filing cabinet of this style, it will be an A4-size suspension filing cabinet. The OHX Furniture 3-drawer filing cabinet is a little different. Our versatile unit features an adjustable bar to accommodate A4 suspension files and can also be a foolscap filing cabinet.

The drawers slide smoothly and virtually noiselessly, thanks to the ball guide. OHX Furniture customers also benefit from a weight capacity 20 kg higher than the average model.

Create your ideal storage solution by pairing two 3-drawer filing OHX Furniture filing cabinets, a 2-drawer unit, or a 4-drawer unit.

Great Value for Money

So, the OHX Furniture 3-Drawer filing cabinet is of the best quality, thicker than the standard measurements, and offers 20 per cent more capacity than its rivals. You would expect it to be more expensive, right? Good news, not only is our cabinet the finest foolscap/ A4 suspension files 3-drawer filing cabinet on the market, but it?s also one of the most affordable.

Dimensions 1025 x 460 x 620 mm
Weight 45 kg
Loading capacity per drawer 50kg
Color White
7 years warranty


This item is dismantled and will be delivered in 2 boxes

We are offering a free delivery service to the UK mainland only, via DPD

For larger orders, we will get it delivered via pallet, so please read the terms & conditions for the pallets delivery service.


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