OHX 5 Multi-Drawer Cabinet with Sliding Rails – White


Shop the 5-Drawer Cabinet with Sliding Rails at OHX Furniture. This innovative multi-drawer storage cabinet with built-in sliding rails is fashioned from cold-rolled steel and is available in black or white

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Offering multiple drawers and a guiding rails system unique in the UK to OHX Furniture, the 5-drawer cabinet with sliding rails is a versatile and intelligent storage system.

Ideal for storing stationary and other small office items, this compact cabinet can be slotted into smaller spaces than most office furniture.

The Best Materials

All OHX Furniture Multi-Drawer cabinets are made at sold at 0.8mm thick. Typically, multi-drawer metal cabinets are sold at an average of between 0.5mm and 0.6mm thick.

We manufacture our cabinets with a formaldehyde-free and odour-free formula with three layers. The cold-rolled steel base has a powder coating, with an anti-rust layer sandwiched between. This formula makes our cabinets 0.7mm thick before coating and 0.8mm after coating and painting.

This commitment to using only the highest quality materials ensures that our cabinets offer long-lasting performance.

Innovative Construction

The special addition of guide rails keeps the drawers straight and secure, so there’s no risk of them falling out or getting stuck.

The OHX Furniture Multi-Drawer Cabinet is the first to hit the UK market with this type of drawer runner built in. We don’t believe drawers should pull out at a dangerous angle, so we have fixed the issue for you.


We pride ourselves on only selling the highest-quality storage solutions and office furniture but we only do so at affordable prices. The OHX Furniture 5-drawer cabinet with sliding rails is a compact and cost-effective stationary storage solution.

The manufacturer’s Seven-year warranty also means you won’t be out of pocket in the unlikely event that the cabinet needs replacing within that period.

Dimensions  475 x 280 x 380 mm
Weight  11 kg
Loading capacity per drawer 5 kg
Color White
5 years warranty
IMPORTANT NOTES: This item is assembled and will be delivered in an individual box We are offering a free delivery service to the UK mainland only, via DPD For larger orders, we will get it delivered via pallet, so please read the terms & conditions for the pallets delivery service


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